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The Inventory & Deliveries provides a 14-day snapshot of current product information including inventory, highly allocated lottery results, and tools to find brands including native Iowa products.


Definitions for terms used in these reports:

  • Retailer: A class "E" liquor licensee.
  • Vendor: The company that manufactures a product.
  • Product Code: A unique number used to identify a specific product.
  • Category: The type of liquor, e.g. vodka, imported gin, etc.
  • Listing Types:
    • Permanent: Products available year-round.
    • Temporary: Products available on a limited basis.
    • Special Order: Products that are not currently listed but requested by class “E” licensees.
    • Special Order On Hand: Products that are frequently sold as special orders but do not meet permanent listing criteria may be listed as special order on-hand.
    • Highly Allocated Products: Products available on a very temporary basis, and highly limited in supply.
  • Iowa Spirits Manufacturers: A business located in Iowa that produces or manufactures spirits.
  • Iowa Brands: Spirits manufactured or produced by a business located in Iowa.

Data available may be limited to provide a good user experience.

Availability of products for purchase is not guaranteed.

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