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American Premium Vodka

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Manufacturer American Premium Vodka, LLC
Pack Size 12
Proof 80
Size 750 mL
UPC 195893446551
Product Code 37900
American Premium Vodka is dedicated to crafting exceptional Vodka that embodies True American Spirit! Our mission is twofold: To deliver a Premium Vodka experience to Americans with an exceptional blend of American Sweet Corn from Iowa and is gluten-free. To honor the selfless sacrifice of our Veterans who have given their last "Full-Measure of Devotion" in defense of our country's freedom. American Premium Vodka proudly donates to American Legion and VFW Charities, supporting the brave men and women who have served our country. We believe in celebrating Real American Heroes and their unwavering commitment to our nation. Join us in raising a glass to those who have served and savoring the smooth taste of American Freedom and excellence. "Don't Ever Forget How Great It Is To Be American!”